How to Setup Telegram Bot

Step1. Create a new Telegram Bot

Search for a bot on telegram with name “@BotFather”. We will find it through the search engine. After adding it to the list of contacts, we will start communicating with it using the /start command. As a response it will send you a list of all available commands, As shown in the image on left
With the /newbot command we begin the registration of a new bot. We need to come up with two names. The first one is a name of a bot that can be set in your native language. The second one is a username of a bot in Latin that ends with a “bot” prefix. As a result, we obtain a token or API Key – the access key for operating with a bot through API as shown on right

Step2. Find your chat id

add @userinfobot and start conversation, you will see your own chat_id

Step3. Enable MT4 webrequest list

In MT4 , from menu select “options” , or press ctrl+o, choose “Expert Advisors” Tab, click the last box, and put
as show on the left

Step4. input the Telegram Token and Chat Id

Apply the token get from step1 and chat id from step2. on Ea start “input” tab.
You are ready to go!


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